Thank you for your interest in Investment and Market Development Corporation (IMD Corp.).

IMD Corp. was founded in 2006 to turn the countless business opportunities of Bulgaria into real transactions involving U.S. private sector expertise and capital. IMD Corp. strives to emerge as the leading vehicle for fostering partnerships between the U.S. and Bulgarian businesses. The company is structured to respond rapidly to the changing needs and high expectations of its U.S. and local partners, and to accommodate the dynamism of the Bulgarian business climate.

While the Bulgarian market is full of opportunities, there are an equal number of risks that must be managed for this potential to be realized. Success comes from understanding local economic environment and defining the right strategy and innovative approaches. With extensive market knowledge and outstanding relationships, IMD Corp. eliminates risk involved in acquisition and investment, and guarantees success.

IMD Corp. has a great passion for supporting Bulgaria’s full-fledged membership in the EU. We recognize the importance of the EU structural funds and believe that closer economic and business relations with the U.S. private sector will allow Bulgaria to become a more effective and stronger EU-member country. The EU-U.S. relations are growing stronger and stronger and account for the largest bilateral trade and investment relationship in the world. Fostering strategic partnerships with the U.S. companies in developing and expanding their overseas business operations will help Bulgarian companies find capital and enterprise to compete successfully in the EU market and globally. Our deep understanding of the local environment and transatlantic economic cooperation allows us to offer solutions for greater flow of U.S. investments. This translates into economic growth, higher competitiveness and high-quality jobs for the Bulgarian economy.

We look forward to working with you.

IMD Corp.

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